The SFC places the safety and well-being of all participants as its top priority. Second to that is ensuring a fair and well managed event. This page aims to answer common questions, explain our operating procedures and highlight specific rules. Participating in an SFC MMA competition The safest way to put yourself forward to participate in an SFC event is by asking your trainer / coach if he/she believes you are ready and if so, to put you forward here. Not only do you need to be physically and mentally fit, you need have experience in multiple fighting forms, such as Muay Thai, Jiu-Jitsu and Boxing. Just because you train twice a week at your local karate centre doesn't mean you are able or safe to participate and we often refuse to accept submissions from independent fighters with no mma experience. However, independent fighters with a fighting record or those from a reputable gym are occasionally accepted. Fighting weights and weigh-ins The SFC accepts all major weight divisions including catch-weights; - Flyweight 56.7kg or 125lbs - Bantamweight 61.2kg or 135lbs - Featherweight 65.8kg or 145lbs - Lightweight 70.3kg or 155lbs - Welterweight 77.1kg or 170lbs - Middleweight 83.9kg or 185lbs - Light Heavyweight 93kg or 205lbs - Heavyweight 120.2kg or 265lbs Fighters are allowed a 0.4kg or 0.88lbs tolerance (up or down). Your "fight weight" is the weight you need to be for an official weigh-in. You will be required to attend an official weigh-in to check it is within the tolerance the day before a competition. You may be accompanied by one person to your weigh in. When a fighter is unable to travel to an official weigh-in and it has been pre-agreed with the SFC they will be allowed to record or live stream their weight to a member of management. A recorded or live streamed weight will require a newspaper with today's date on it visible in the recording and the use of a dumbbell to prove the scales are accurate before the fighter uses them. Any fighter who is out with the tolerance has two hours to resolve the situation before being weighed again. After this time period their opponent can either accept or refuse the fight. Regardless of their choice and the outcome of the fight the opponent will be awarded with the winner's purse. The offending fighter will receive no purse if the fight is cancelled and the loser's purse if the fight proceeds. Day of event On the day of the event all participants will be required to complete a medical questionnaire and disclaimer then undergo a medical examination. Any fighter deemed unfit to participate will excused from the event without receiving any purse. The medical practitioners decision is final. If a fighter has any visible scarring, healed wound or pre-existing condition they must be able to prove this is not a safety concern. For example, if a fighter has recently recovered from a broken arm and a scar is visible a letter from his/her local GP authorising them to participate would be necessary. The SFC does not insure fighters nor can it be held responsible for any injury or loss sustained through participating in an event. When the event is open to the public fighters are to remain in their allocated warm-up areas until they are called upon. They may join the public and watch the remainder of the competition thereafter. All fighters must provide their own gum shield, shorts, corner equipment and corner-men. A maximum of two corner-men per fighter / fight team is authorised. Hand wrap gauze and tape will be provided. Your hands will be inspected and signed off before you are authorised to put on gloves. Amateur fighters will be provided with gloves which they must return. Pro fighters should supply their own gloves but they will be checked. Fight Rules The referee is ultimately in charge and so if you have any particular questions please speak to them beforehand. The SFC operates using unified rules and will always abide by the latest additions. For example at the end of 2016 these new rules were implemented. Specifically for amateur fighters we do not allow twisting leg locks or download ("12pm-6pm" style) vertical elbow strikes.